Preparing for a First-time Mommy Cat

Preparing for a first-time mommy cat can be challenging. It generally takes sixty to sixty-four days for a cat to conceive and give birth. A pregnant cat does not usually show symptoms until about its third week of pregnancy when its nipples turn pink. It also gains weight around the fifth week, and it becomes quitter and friendlier. It tends to eat and sleep more too. If it loses appetite, you still have to feed it on a regular basis.images138

During its six to seventh week of pregnancy, you will already be able to feel the kittens moving. Your cat may lose its appetite one to two days before it begins to labor. It may also sleep longer in order to conserve energy. You should be able to notice some physical signs of labor, such as a change in body temperature and vomiting. You may also see its amniotic sac when contractions start. There can also be a discharge of blood.

When preparing for a first-time mommy cat, you should have all the necessary supplies ready. There should be clean towels, paper towels, newspapers, a box, and an extra box. The motherĀ cat health 101 will give birth and chew off the umbilical cord of its kittens. You can use a heating pad to keep the kittens warm. However, make sure that you do not place the kittens directly on the heating pad. Use a towel or a blanket to cover the heating pad.

There can be ten to sixty minutes delay in between births, so you have to take note of the time. Patience is necessary when preparing for a first-time mommy cat. If four hours have passed and there are still kittens inside, you should call a veterinarian. Do not forget to have your cat and its kittens examined within twenty-four hours of birthing.